Pay Per Click Services (PPC)

Pay per Click is one of the best ways to gain traffic in a short time. The CPC or PPC marketing is paid to advertise on search engine result pages. Winx Designer is a leading PPC expert in Canada offering services in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, and other regions. Our efficient and well-planned PPC campaigns deliver amazing leads to businesses.

PPC or pay per click is making your businesses visible through. It helps in short term traffic gain and great for specific sales campaigns. This paid advertising is also known as Google Adwords and is quite cost-efficient as the users pay only on the clicks they receive. We provide effective Google Adwords PPC including search ads and display ads. Our PPC campaigns have helped businesses in Canada obtain immediate top visibility in the search engine result pages.

Pay Per Click Services from Winx Designer

We offer a wide range of result oriented PC advertising services. Our digital marketers are quick in delivering well planned and accurate PPC campaigns. Our PPC services cover many paid advertising services-

1. Google Adwords Search Ads
2. Google Display Advertising
3. Facebook advertising
4. Youtube advertising
5. Google remarketing
6. Call Tracking

We create effective text ads, image ads, banner ads, and video ads to bring a relevant audience to your website. The PPC campaigns are also targeted towards increasing brand value. Above are our major PPC services but not the end. We offer a host of other advertising services including LinkedIn marketing, twitter marketing etc.

Advantages of Pay Per Click Marketing is Important

Pay per click simply tells advertisers to pay only for the clicks or the impressions they receive. However, planning a successful ad campaign is quite a challenging task. Being a professional PPC expert, we use our knowledge and proven techniques to give you services within your budget.

Best Benefits of PPC Advertising-

1. Allows to target customers on the basis of time, location, and search behaviour
2. PPC campaigns are trackable and measurable
3. Allows to track and record every click and call to your website
4. Every click and conversion can be tracked
5. Delivers accurate analytic of per lead expenditure
6. Allows the advertiser to set a maximum budget limit

With our vast experience in creating ad campaigns, we know all the ins and outs of the pay per click Google Adwords advertising.

PPC Advertising – Development and Work Process

Our PPC services are completely ROI focussed and delivers accurate results. During every assignment, we focus on well-managed ad campaigns for the best lead conversion rate. Our campaigns go through a seamless journey of multiple procedures-

1. Research and development of right search keywords and phrases
2. Identifying negative keywords to eliminate irrelevant searches
3. Creating ad copies and bids
4. Banner ad creation in different formats
5. Tracking and monitoring the campaigns
6. Implementing improvements if needed
7. Reporting

Winx Designer helps you advertise with most accurate campaigns and predictable results. Our advertising has given a quick boost to many small and medium businesses. We create successful campaigns for building quick brand recognition and generating rapid leads.